Best Mental Hacks & Coping Strategies for Tired Parents. So We Can Behave & Thrive.

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Learn the 23 Timeless & Simple Mind Skills for Making It Through the Day When You Are Exhausted.

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What Self-Esteem Really Is?

Self-esteem is an opinion you have about yourself. “High self-esteem” is that you have positive thoughts about yourself. “Low self-esteem” is that you have negative thoughts about yourself. No one has only positive thoughts about themselves.

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The purpose of Behave is to find out what are the easiest and most effective ways to improve the psychological wellbeing of tired parents.

How to make it through the days when you’re exhausted? How to cope with negative feelings and thoughts? How to be calmer and more joyful? How to handle stress? How to have more energy?

By taking care of ourselves, we can be better parents. Behave better.

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Don’t Want to Feel Anger, Sadness or Anxiety Anymore? (Hint: You Won’t Like What Follows)

Which dysfunctional control mechanisms are you using towards unwanted emotions? How to handle strong emotions and negative thoughts?

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How to Fully Accept Your Life as It Is Now?

There’s pain in your life? Why would you even want to accept life with pain? That seems hard, and you’d rather fight the pain, right?

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6 Building Blocks of Psychological Wellbeing

What dimensions are there to psychological wellbeing? If you haven’t been okay, but can’t quite explain why, see if you can find an answer here.

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