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6 Building Blocks of Psychological Wellbeing

Personal Growth

Samuel Zeller

In science, there are different theoretical models for explaining psychological wellbeing. One of the most tested is Professor Carol Ryff’s model.

According to Ryff’s model, the six dimensions of psychological well-being are:

1. Self-Acceptance

You acknowledge and accept the different aspects of your personality and the body you are living in.

2. Personal Growth

You continually develop yourself. You strive to fulfill your true potential as your self-knowledge grows. Your thinking and behavior improves.

3. Purpose in Life

You feel there is meaning in your life. You have goals and values which lead your actions.

4. Positive Relations to Others

You have close, trusting relationships. You care about your loved ones, and make an effort to sustain the relationships.

5. Environmental Mastery

You manage your everyday life. You feel you are in control of your life and are able to make changes when needed.

6. Autonomy

You are independent. You take responsibility for your life. You can think for yourself and regulate your behavior. You can resist social pressure.


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