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What are the most wonderful things on earth? Children of course. They are so pure and lively and always present. They don’t delve in the past. They don’t spend much time in the future in their minds. When you talk with them, they are there. They appreciate the time you spend with them.

At the same time, children need a lot from us. As I read somewhere, children drain all our energy – and a little more. They need us during the day and during the night. They have big emotions, which they need help with.

This contrary – high wonderfulness and high needs – creates such a rollercoaster ride that it’s difficult to stay sane. Is it even possible?

I got really tired when I had my first baby. I had no idea how to take care of myself. I devoted myself to the baby totally. In the long run that’s of course not very good for anyone.

Luckily, I realized at some point that I am not very joyful anymore (of course smiling when the baby was watching). I started reading a lot. I self-studied psychology, read books about meditation and mindfulness and other deep stuff. It was eye-opening. I wish I had learned all this years ago.

Now I try to apply everything I’ve learned to my life. It’s not easy but I make progress. I’m not anymore mentally tired, even when physically ready for bed at 2 p.m.

Psychological wellbeing is such a fascinating topic. I can’t stop consuming more wisdom about it. Here I’ll write what I learn. And maybe one day, one other tired parent finds here. And has one small insight, which helps get through one difficult moment. Then; my work here is done.


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