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Psychological Wellbeing

Happiness Essentials: What Children Master and Adults Learn in Therapy, Part 1

let go of anger

My son is four. He has a dear friend who is five. They love each other. Playing with his friend is my son’s absolute favorite thing to do. Their relationship is quite intense though. Obviously, due to their ages, their brains aren’t fully developed yet, so impulse control is hard. In addition, they are both quite strong-willed. Don’t cave in easily. Consequently, they often find themselves in intense arguments. At times, the arguments escalate to physical fights.

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Don’t Want to Feel Anger, Sadness or Anxiety Anymore? (Hint: You Won’t Like What Follows)


Too bad, if you are a human, you will feel those feelings as long as you’ll live. No matter what some self-help books claimed. There is a part of our brain which is responsible for the primitive feelings and impulses. It’s unfortunately not possible to turn off that brain part. Most of us have of course been taught the opposite since we were born. We have learned that it’s not okay to cry. It’s not okay to be afraid. We have got a clear message that we must control our emotions.

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