Best Mental Hacks & Coping Strategies for Tired Parents. So We Can Behave & Thrive.



  • Have Small Children
  • And Therefore a Lot of Big Emotions in the House

You would like to:

  • Not Hurt Anyone by Yelling
  • Be Calmer

My biggest challenge in parenthood is staying calm.

I’ve read a lot about children’s brains; how their brains are not fully developed. I understand why they can’t use their logical thinking when primitive impulses take over. I’ve read research about how raging and yelling only makes things worse. I understand.

Yet, it’s so hard to control my own behavior in the heat of the moment. I want to keep my cool, and help and coach the little ones. But it’s just sooooo hard. It feels like I also lose my ability to use the logical thinking (even though my brains are supposedly full sized already). It’s a nuthouse and I’m one of the nuts.

But I have decided I will learn to be supercalm. I really want to have a peaceful home. I love peaceful.

So, here’s my challenge – Challenge Supercalm.

Challenge Supercalm consists of eight steps. Every time one child is experiencing big emotions, I get to practice. Every time I try to get through all the steps. Every time I take a mental note of how far I made it.

If you want to improve your behavior and become supercalm (within indeterminate time frame), join me in the challenge.

The simple (but hard) steps are explained here at Behave Insight:  

behave insight

Challenge Accepted

Anu / Behave