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How to Fully Accept Your Life as It Is Now?


Cristian Newman


Because resisting – the opposite of accepting – the pain is judging. And judging is negativity, which causes you unhappiness. Why cause unhappiness? Your life situation is what it is now. Judging does not make a difference in your life situation. Only acting towards change makes a difference.

How Can I Stop Judging?

Start by noticing what kind of thoughts you have. Your mind is blaming and criticizing. Does that help you? The key is; even though the thoughts keep coming, let them go. It will make a difference, whether you swim in the negative thoughts twenty-four seven, or let the thoughts go as they come.

Could you accept your present moment? Accepting doesn’t mean you wouldn’t do what you can at this moment to further things towards your life goals or towards making changes.

How Can I Accept?

How is it possible? It seems really hard to accept pain. The answer is:

Full Attention is Full Acceptance.

Eckhart Tolle / Power of Now

Meaning, pay full attention to your present moment.

Let’s say you have sadness in your life. Feel the sadness in you. Don’t think about the sadness, what caused it in the past, or what will happen in the future. (If those thoughts come, let them go. Don’t pay more attention to the thoughts, except notice them and send away.) Don’t resist and fight the sadness. Let it be. Feel it fully. One day you’ll let it go through you. And when sadness arises again, it’s okay. Let it go or let it be. Observe the feeling.

Realize that you are not the sadness. That is, don’t make an identity out of it. You are the one who feels the feelings.

Give your full attention to the present moment; everything there is – feelings, surroundings, other people. Then, you are not judging but you are accepting.



Learn more:

Tolle, Eckhart: The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment. New World Library and Namaste Publishing, 2004.

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