Best Mental Hacks & Coping Strategies for Tired Parents. So We Can Behave & Thrive.

one minute mental strenght

You Would Like to:

  • Be Stronger
  • Have More Resilience
  • Improve Self-Control
  • Face Your Fears
  • Live According to Your Values
  • Feel Empowered to Handle Whatever Life Throws at You

One Minute per Week Will Be Spent on:

  • Wisdom of the Great Philosophers
  • Results of Scientific Studies from Psychology
  • Inspiring Insights of the Best Writers
  • Advice from Experts
It’s all about mental strength. And mental strength is all about knowledge, habits and practice. One Minute Mental Strength Newsletter helps you become stronger by bringing you the knowledge, regularly. Reading some wisdom becomes a habit.

Read one piece of wisdom every Monday. During the following week, digest what you read. How does it apply to your life? What can you do to make a change? Build new habits to your life and practice.

These are baby steps. The easiest way towards mental strength really. It’ll only take you one minute per week to read the mail. But maybe, just maybe, one of mails includes the perfect message at the perfect moment – awakening just when you needed it. Possible life-changing effects. It’s worth trying.

That feeling when you notice improvement in your ability to handle everyday stresses. When you notice you have grown as a person. It’s priceless. (And this newsletter is free anyway.)


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