Best Mental Hacks & Coping Strategies for Tired Parents. So We Can Behave & Thrive.



  • haven’t had enough sleep for undefined amount of days (feel free to replace with months/years)
  • are exhausted

You would like to:

  • survive
  • and sometimes even
    • feel more joy & happiness
    • have more energy
    • be calmer (as opposed to stressed out all the time)

This course was born out of desperation. My first baby was, and still is, very high energy, intense and sensitive little thing. These are wonderful qualities in a person, but turns out these qualities demand a little more from the parents.

After being awake 6 months I started wondering how the h*ll do people do this. No sleep & no rest, someone demanding something of you twenty-four seven. I can’t possible make it another 18 years.

I went online to look for an answer. How to live and prosper with constant fatigue and overwhelm. What I found were the “sleep when your baby is sleeping” tips. Well great, thanks, but how do I make it when I’m still tired after getting the full 15 minutes’ nap?

Since then I have been doing research on coping strategies and mental skills. This course is the outcome of that long research.

I am the subject matter expert only in being tired. Skills taught in this course are ideas of much wiser people. I only combined them. The lessons were originally my notes for helping me.

Not all hacks will work for you. They didn’t all work for me either. But I can happily say that many did work, and even though my spirited son is still waking at night, and I also have another baby who needs normal night-time care also, I have learned to be more joyful, happier and calmer even when I am totally tired. Not always and not perfectly, but all improvement feels great. And since my mood affects other people, the benefits are multiplied.


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