Best Mental Hacks & Coping Strategies for Tired Parents. So We Can Behave & Thrive.

Tools of the Tired

meditation practices

Meditation Cheat Sheet

10 Simple Meditation Practices for Parents of Small Children

You have certainly heard meditation is good for you in every way (backed by science). But it seems impossible to start. When would you have an hour of quiet, alone time at home? Never, that’s the answer. But no worries, there are meditation practices you can do at home, little kids running around. Here’s a cheat sheet with some of those beginner-level practices. *FREE*


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Tired ECourse

Learn the 23 Timeless & Simple Mind Skills for Making It Through the Day When You Are Exhausted

Are you not getting enough sleep at night, and have small children to take care of during the day? Are you wondering, how do people do this? Exhaustion and overwhelm – they are real. Here’s a compilation of the best mental hacks and coping strategies. You will survive. *FREE*


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stay calm, enjoy peace

Challenge Supercalm

8 Steps to Harmony (or at Least to More Harmonious)

Take the challenge with me to learn to be calm. I know it’s possible. Everything is possible when you practice enough. And here the reward will be superb – more peace at home. *FREE*


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one minute mental strenght

One Minute Mental Strenght


Use one minute per week reading a piece of wisdom. Apply the mental strenght habits to your life. Be prepared for whatever life has in store for you next. *FREE*


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