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Why Would You Want to Practice Meditation?

getting things done

Eddie Kopp

1. So You’ll Get Things Done

You practice focusing on taking action instead of focusing on your thoughts. You’ll get more done.

2. So You’ll Suffer Less

You practice not spending so much time immersed in criticizing thoughts. You learn to notice and accept them. You practice letting the thoughts pass. You’ll suffer less.

3. So You’ll Be Present to Your Loved-ones

You practice not living your life in the future or in the past in your mind. You practice focusing on now. You’ll be present to the people you love.


  Here’s a cheat sheet of ten easy meditation practices for parents of small children to help you get started.


I can also warmly recommend this book about meditation; Search Inside Yourself by a Google Engineer Chade-Meng Tan. Very easy to read and yet, very eye-opening.


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